Industrial Applications

Involved at concept design, Atex can offer many benefits to the design team of industrial projects. We can offer a wide range of products and services to add value and reduce design time and costs by sharing engineering resources with our customers both during the design  and installation stages of any project.

For industrial buildings to be functional they need to be productive, energy efficient, safe and compliant with all the local standards. Atex can offer expert advice and support in order for these goals to be met combined with a  maintenance team who will maintain the systems over the future years, a true integration service.

Projects are integrated on schedule and budget due to;

  • Experienced, dedicated sales, project management and engineering teams.
  • Accurate and timely information, helping you stay on-schedule and on-budget.
  • Professional project management services.
Our industrial products portfolio
  • LED Lighting for offices, warehouses, cold stores, Ex, exterior, cleanrooms and laboratories.
  • Lighting controls from stand-alone intelligent sensors to fully networked complex systems.
  • Emergency lighting systems to ensure compliance with local standards. Automatic testing systems from self-contained to fully addressable central battery systems.
  • Modular wiring systems used to supply power and control wiring to lighting circuits within the building.
  • Harsh & hazardous cable glands, enclosures, plugs and sockets, industrial lighting fixtures, signals and alarms, and electronic components designed for the most demanding environments.

In the world of integration and IoT there is now a market demand to integrate several product families so that they work as one, report to one simple visualisation pack and are simple to maintain and operate from the client’s perspective.