Self-Contained Monitoring Systems

Self-Contained Monitoring Systems

Offering best in class functionality, Atex offer emergency lighting testing and monitoring systems combined into one. With a simple web, based user interface, our system is capable of monitoring more than 25,000 self-contained emergency luminaires, offering the scalability your project requires.

The automatic testing of each luminaire and real time issue alert function is compliant to the requirements EN62034. It reduces maintenance costs, and as all tests are auto-populated into the failsafe digital log book, the system provides reliable efficient monitoring of your emergency evacuation lighting.

This easy to use, system supports a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of people in the building as well as giving you peace of mind by creating an environment that helps keep your business running safe and strong. The system is customizable, allowing for building plans to be uploaded to enable the user to pinpoint exactly which luminaire needs attention.

The Auto-ID function eliminates the requirement for manual addressing of luminaries which reduces commissioning time. Our systems make for convenient, hassle free testing in any commercial or industrial building - from smaller facilities through to large estates, where automatic testing is a particularly effective solution.

Other options available include a Wi-Fi connection box, which allows the wireless visualization of Web-Controllers via any Wi-Fi enabled device such as notebooks or smartphones via an integrated web browser.

Product range

  • Controllers
  • Luminaires
  • DALI
  • KNX
  • Wi-Fi
  • Complete range of LED luminaires