Thread Conversion Solutions & Accessories

To easily overcome fitting issues, Hawke have produced an extensive range of thread adaptors, reducers and fittings.

These enable interconnection of dissimilar sized connections on cable glands and enclosures while remaining compliant with international standards and approvals. This ensures that the integrity of equipment and safety in hazardous environments is not compromised.

Stopping Plugs   Stopping plugs


Adaptors & Reducers Adaptors & Reducers


Breather Draining Devices  Breather Draining Devices


Insulated Adaptors Insulated Adaptors


Blanking / Adaptor Flanges Blanking / Adaptor Flanges


In Line Swivel CouplingsIn Line Swivel Couplings


Swivel Elbows Swivel Elbows


Unions Unions


Fixed Elbows Fixed Elbows


Lock Nuts Lock Nuts


Earth Tags Earth Tags


Nylon Washer Nylon Washer


Red Fibre Washer Red Fibre Sealing Washers


Serrated Washers Serrated Washers


TPE Shrouds TPE Shrouds